Welcome to new possibilities in Healthcare.


It’s the internet era; the time of limitless possibilities and virtual wonders. Every day, there are hundreds of convenience services reaching users through the internet. And healthcare sector is no different. One would imagine that these services have advanced beyond excellence, but this couldn’t be farther from reality. Online healthcare services have almost never taken patients beyond a hospital’s reception desk or test report collection desk. There has been no imagination or thought nurtured beyond that point in healthcare, which is mostly limited to outpatient appointments or accessing patient’s medical reports via email. This is often due to poor cooperation from hospitals or lack of need for such innovation. But the real answer to the problem lies beyond the periphery of convenience services. And that is where Treatgo comes to the threshold.


There are unexplored markets and opportunities waiting to be introduced to a rising number of patients seeking solutions to their healthcare needs, now more than ever. Unfortunately what they are served with is innumerous information and medical jargon which are nowhere near useful or accurate. At best, what they get to know is that their symptoms could be due to a trivial allergy or a fatal disease, neither of which can be useful to the patient.


Often, patients who have been advised a costly, invasive surgical procedure seek out second opinions regarding better, cost-effective treatment options from different hospitals, some of which could even be in a different country. These patients then have to travel to the desired hospitals, and a long procedure ensues, beginning from waiting for the senior consultant to receiving the cost estimate. But what if all a patient wants is to ensure that the treatment suggested by his local hospital and the one abroad are one and the same? To be able to address these issues we need to create new possibilities for these people. Technology should don the hat of a hospital staff, helping patients access facilities one step at a time, without any hurdle. This is the kind of innovation that will help alleviate barriers in healthcare, and this is the sole vision TreatGo is founded on – ‘Healthcare Sans Boundaries.’


TreatGo was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs with over a decade of expertise spanning the fields of technology and medicine. We are steadily progressing towards the future we envisaged, one where patients are offered real-time access to hospitals and doctors through the privacy of their browsers. With TreatGo, patients have direct access to hundreds of hospitals within the comfort of their homes. They are provided detailed treatment plans, assessments, and cost estimates based on their needs and medical reports. With TreatGo, distance does not matter to a patient who can effortlessly obtain second opinion from hospitals without being physically present. In imagining solutions that let them choose from hospitals within and beyond geographical boundaries, we are giving our patients the power of choice.


As we stand poised at the verge of an exciting journey in healthcare, we have set our values to build a clean and sustainable business in the sector. And while we admit that TreatGo can go through a number of changes during the course of time, we promise to always go back to these untainted values for guidance. Today we record those values here, as a preface to the story of TreatGo.

Urgency: Anything related to healthcare needs immediate attention. We believe that we must, by all means, not cause a moment’s delay for the patient in getting to his treatment.

Transparency: We believe in honesty and clarity in all aspects of our product and business.

Simplicity: Healthcare is inherently complicated. We believe that we need to be simple in terms of design in our processes, our products, and even our choice of words.


Above all, we hope and pray that the divine being’s power may give us inspiration and guidance on our venture. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and promise to be responsive.


Here’s to a healthy future!


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